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Choose from 3 different virtual services designed with the music industry professional in mind:
Virtual Assistance
Podcast Management
ss Writing

The Broken Glass Podcast highlights women in the music industry and providing advice, tools, and resources for a successful music career or business.

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The Broken Glass Blog provides advice, tools, resources, and inspiration for women starting a career in the music industry. Browse for free downloads including workbooks and guides.

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Hi, I’m Kristi!

I’m a Virtual Assistant for busy music industry professionals who want to get tedious tasks off their plate so they can get back to scaling their business, growing their artists’ careers, or getting in the studio and back on the stage.

As a blogger and podcast host, I know what it’s like to feel frustrated that you can’t grow your business and accomplish your goals because of those day-to-day tasks that suck up all your time.

But then I discovered a multitude of online tools to streamline blog and podcast creation, freeing up time to grow, scale, and launch my own services.

Now I take on the day-to-day tasks of busy music industry professionals (like yourself!) to help them grow their business and accomplish their goals

You can achieve your business, creative, and personal goals while working less!

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