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ABOUT Broken glass media llc

The women's rights movement began in the 19th century, but even today we are still fighting for equal pay and in the music industry, equal play. The blog was borne out of my own experiences in trying to find work and gain experience in the music industry, but also out of shocking statistics reported in the USC Inclusion in the Recording Studio study that highlight the disparity between men and women in the music industry.

I was lucky to have the chance to immediately work in the industry when I moved to Los Angeles - I was inexperienced and a woman and had no strong connections.

I want to change this for the women who follow me. I want to give them the opportunity to hear from women in the industry, to hear their stories of struggle and ultimate success to move their own careers forward, and to create a safe community for these women to network and have every opportunity in the industry they desire.

The mission of Broken Glass Media LLC is to highlight women in the industry, from musicians to executives, producers, music supervisors, entrepreneurs, and more. To empower young women entering the music industry. To show the industry that women are here with the skills and talent to be equally as successful as the men in the industry. To provide the tools and resources necessary to be successful in the music industry.

We are here. We have already stepped up. These are our stories.