Favorite tools

Here are some of my favorite business, travel, and wellness tools that have allowed me to grow and scale my business, book travel with ease, and manage my personal wellness.

For Business:


I’ve tried other email marketing websites, and unless I was just sending out one simple email, they were confusing and involved a lot more coding knowledge than I knew how to do. I tried the ConvertKit free trial and I was hooked!

ConvertKit makes it simple and easy to manage your subscriber list, your email automations, landing pages, tagging, etc. I saved hours of work setting up my email automations by switching to ConvertKit. Try it out with a free trial - I promise, you won’t be disappointed!



I never truly knew what to do with Asana until I went through a brief training with Amanda from She Did It Her Way, and now Asana revolutionized my business. I’m more organized and better able to manage my time with the business and things in my personal life. All with the free option - I don’t pay anything! There’s even an app for your phone to keep you organized on the go!


Here’s another incredible productivity platform I just discovered. It is a desktop application but what it can do to organize your life is absolutely incredible.

Basically, Shift will take all your email accounts and apps and put it into one platform that you can toggle through, set alerts on, and more. It’s basically your entire business world in one platform. If you’re like me, with multiple email accounts and apps for everything under the sun, this is an incredible tool to keep it all together rather than logging in to each account separately.


Fiverr is a freelance services platform that has completely changed since I used it way back in the day (when everything was literally just $5).

As a seller, you can set your rates based on your services, length of time to complete, etc. and choose the projects you want to do. It’s a great platform for those of us in the creative space, especially if you have experience with music recording, social media, and more. You can get gigs here that will help you develop your skills and portfolio all while earning some extra income.

But how about hiring out? Many of us in the music industry might find ourselves in need of someone to complete one off jobs: recording a podcast intro, designing a logo, customizing your website, managing your social media…the possibilities are endless. Nearly any service you need completed can be found on Fiverr. You’re protected too - you can see who’s a top rated seller and what their ratings are.

Check them out for either selling or buying:

For Travel

Marriott Bonvoy

I’ve always had loyalty accounts with airlines, but as most of my travel was to visit friends or relatives, I never truly needed a hotel account.

Never say never!

Now that I’m starting to book more business (and personal) travel involving overnight stays, I looked into the new Marriott Bonvoy program, which combines The Ritz-Carlton, Marriott, and Starwood Preferred Guest rewards programs as well as each company’s booking into one site. It makes it incredibly easy to book a stay, provides you with the best options and discounts (including AAA/CAA!), and has some pretty sweet rewards. Check them out if you’re booking business or personal travel!

This is a pretty cool site if you’re looking to book a hotel and maybe earn a little off of it (yes, it pays commissions!). It’s an aggregator for aggregators and pulls in hotels from sites like Expedia, giving you full access to the best prices across the Internet, plus you can create a profile of your favorite places to stay and visit. If someone books through your link, you get commission!

For Wellness:


When I was getting back into workouts, ClassPass was the best way for me to slowly get back in shape, develop a fitness routine that worked for me, and help me find the studios that were the best fit for me. ClassPass offers a free trial for new members, so if you’re getting back into a routine, give it a try: