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Business Writing is Difficult

You want to host content on your website, but you’re spending all your time deciding what to write and how to write it instead of working with your clients or on your products. You’re great at math, communication, and business strategy but words just don’t flow easily. You can analyze pages of data and glean relevant information from a spreadsheet in minutes, but ugh to put together a cohesive proposal or article would just take days! And what about those pesky things, grammar and punctuation?

I Get It!

Oh do I get it! Planning website content and writing letters, proposals, and other documents can be a total time suck and take you from actually working on your business. Sometimes you’re completely inspired, can bang out your article or document in under 30 minutes. Other times, you stare at a blank screen for hours on end, willing something, anything to appear on the screen.

But Imagine This

A carefully daily or weekly blog post related to your area of the music industry that took about 10, or heck, even 0 minutes of your time. Your website and social media accounts are enriched with content that your customers enjoy and you were able to spend all your time working on your business. Plus a bonus: everything is spelled correctly, is cohesive, and is properly punctuated!


Content at Your Fingertips

You’re probably wondering “Okay, that’s great, but but how can I include content on my website if I don’t spend time writing it? How can I make sure everything is spelled properly and that commas are right where they need to be?”

You’ve come to the right place! I’m here to help whether it be taking on your blog posts from start to finish, drafting out your document, or helping you proofread and edit your final product. Writing comes easy to me, and proofreading for grammar, spelling, cohesion, and punctuation even easier (I believe 100% in the Oxford comma).

Let’s Do This!

I want to help you create the blog, proposal, or letter your audience wants to read and there are several ways that we can work together:

Are you in a bind and just can’t get to your blog post? Do you need social media or website copy? I’ll take your notes and turn it into content to fit your your specifications. Includes blog posts, articles, social media copy, website copy, letters, business documents, and more. From $50.00 per document

I’ll check your document for spelling, grammar, punctuation, and clarity. From $4.00 per page*

Copy Editing
I’'ll review and correct your writing to create a uniform, consistent document. I’ll provide suggestions for word choice, style, clarity, and grammar to create a document that flows, avoids repetition, and is error free. From $6.00 per page*

Content Editing
Is writer’s block getting you down? Has your article gone in a different direction than you intended? I’ll review your document and provide feedback, make suggestions for the flow and tone of your writing, and ensure your point comes across clearly. From $10.00 per page*

*Assuming 250 words per page double spaced, 500 words per page single spaced

Need proof?

I completely understand! You want to make sure that my writing is 1. understandable and 2. what I say it is. No hard feelings! Most of my writing samples (proposals, letters, etc) are available upon request. My blog articles are available on this site on the Broken Glass Blog, and articles on topics other than music and business are available across the web. Here are a few samples:

Top 5 Tips For Managing Stress and Anxiety At Work

The Legacy of 'Timeless'

Podcasts Changed My Life

Gluten-Free Vegan on a Budget

Are you ready?

Are you ready to take the next step? Are you not quite sure what you need or have questions? Let me know who you are and how you want to work together through the form below, and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible so we can chat about your website, blog, writing requirements, and goals!

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