Are you ready to get back to your business and artists?

You want to build, grow, and scale your business but you just can’t get away from your inbox, from those spreadsheets, and from the day-to-day tasks that suck up all your time.

You need to nurture your artist, connect with other industry professionals, and develop relationships but those images need to be uploaded to the web store and oh! what about this week’s social media schedule?

The struggle is real, am I right? …Or is it?


What if I told you could bring back hours to your day in a matter of minutes? What if you could bring in someone with music industry knowledge and experience to proofread that proposal, to develop and manage your social media, and to keep your email on track?


Meet Kristi:

I’m Kristi Jacobsen, the Founder of Broken Glass Media, and I’m here to help music industry professionals like you take back their time to grow and scale their businesses, draft and finalize the perfect documents, and create a consistent social media presence.

You can read my story where I detail how I went from a job nowhere near the music industry to a career in music, and how I went from the hustle dragging me down to feeling energized and able to take on anything that came my way.

I’m excited you’ve found me here, and I look forward to helping you put much needed time back into your day!


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The Broken Glass Podcast highlights women in the music industry and allows them to tell their story of music industry success and how they worked their way up. We talk successes, learning lessons, advice, and general music industry knowledge as well as the importance of mindset and personal wellness.

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