Recommended Listens: Discoveries This Week


I have always been obsessed with New Music Friday (and New Music Tuesday before the switch) and Spotify and Apple Music have made discovering new releases that much easier for me. Each week I stumble across more new music than my brain (or iPhone storage) can handle thanks to Spotify's Discovery tab, and it does not disappoint. Here are just a few of the albums (both new and old) I stumbled across this past week:

Chvrches - love is dead

Love is Dead won't be released until May 25, but I'm (not so patiently) waiting its release after the recent singles MiracleMy Enemy, and Get Out. I've listened to Chvrches for several years now, but other bands took precedence in my playlists at the time. I think this release will be different though, as I am truly enjoying these singles and I can't wait to put the new album on repeat.

elliott - out of the blue EP

I stumbled upon elliott just yesterday as I was browsing my top recommendations on Spotify, and to be quite honest, at a quick glance I thought Spotify was recommending a new album from the 90s emo band, Elliott. I hit play, and I was pleasantly surprised to hear chill indie music sung by an exceptional female voice. Out of the Blue EP features hauntingly beautiful vocals, relatable lyrics, and has become my go-to album when I need to decompress.

I haven't been able to locate much information on elliott, so if you know who this remarkable singer is or where to find more information, please let me know in the comments below!

Sweet Talk Radio - horology

Sweet Talk Radio has been on my radar for several years now after they appeared on my recommendations list for their album State of the Union. With heartfelt lyrics and luscious guitar lines, you can clearly hear the chemistry between wife and husband. Their music is perfect to relax to, and is frequently played when I'm working on projects or writing.

The new album, Horology, was released last Friday, April 6 and has been a staple on my playlist ever since. They frequent the Hotel Cafe, so if you're an LA resident, be sure to check them out when they play next on June 29.